About the man and the myth ... and the legend

Sit down, shut up and prepare to be amazed by the most average gameplay in the history of the world! NO WAIT... THE UNIVERSE!! Missed headshots, typos, poor grammar and epic fails that turn into wins by pure luck are what awaits you. If you faint or fall in love let it be known. You have been warned. I AM INSANELY ADORABLE! or is that adorable to the insane. NEVER MIND... ONWARD TO MEDIOCRITY!!!

Pete Hines VP of PR, Bethesda Softworks
"What He lacks in humor He makes up for in stupidity. This is a desperate cry for help."

Mario Kroll VP, Kalpso Media USA Inc.
"If a sharp stick in the eye isn't available, this show should more than suffice!"

Bob Lohblaw, Welsh God of Sarcasm
"He's like a hemorrhagic virus. What you see and hear will make you bleed from your eyes and ears, but unlike ebola you may enjoy yourself."